Ihor Bychkivskyy / * 1970 / - comes from the ancient and beautiful city of Lvov (Ukraine). He has been living in Prague since 2000. He started to paint in 2007 in his spare time. Patterns are chosen differently, based on his interest and appeal. They are landscapes, flowers, animals, people, still life and abstraction. He does not count himself to a particular stream of painting, but he is close to Impressionism. He paints his pictures with a spatula, and prefers oil painting. His paintings are characterized by a wide range of colors, making them easily readable and recognizable.

 "I like the colors which people lack in everyday life. The world is too dynamic and modern. That’s way it sometimes lacks color "

He has been exhibiting since 2008 and has already had 12 exhibitions. In 2014, he bacame a member of the Free Association of Artists in Southern Bohemia. Last exebition of his pictures was at The ArtFest 2014, where his paintings were successfully admitted by public and critics and he won the prize Gallery ArtFest 2014. Many of his paintings are sold and decorate interiors in the USA, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Among other things, he is interested in photography.